Pollock Technique™

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The Pollock Technique™ can be used for circumcision procedures for all ages of babies, boys, and adult men.

It is employed in circumcision clinics around the world and is also the method we teach to prospective mohelim.

The detail below focuses primarily on infant circumcision, and the same virtually painless methods are applied in a similar manner for circumcision at an older age.

Extensive pain control methods are employed for infant circumcision; including acetaminophen (paracetamol), sugar solution (which has been shown to reduce pain perception), soothing music, topical freezing cream, padded baby holders, and a long acting local anaesthetic injection.

Our Circumcision Method

The Pollock Technique™ can be used for babies, boys, and men of all ages, and consists of using a Mogen clamp under long-acting local anaesthetic.

Pollock Technique™ circumcisions are performed for infants, babies, boys, teens, and adult men. The procedure takes less than a minute for newborns – and this is many times quicker than other circumcision methods.

We feel that Pollock Technique™ circumcision is among the leading procedures practiced today. Local anaesthetic is employed and recovery time is relatively fast. Our method is quicker than other procedures, and has proven over the past 25 years and 50,000 procedures. This is one of the reasons why so many doctors refer their patients to Pollock method circumcision practitioners.

Detailed Circumcision Procedure

We recommend that parents feed their baby just prior to the circumcision so that he will not be too hungry during the procedure. All the following steps are taken to ensure that the baby has minimal discomfort.

Infant Acetaminophen Beforehand

Up to an hour before, parents give the baby infant acetaminophen. They must not use other medications such as ibuprofen because these may affect bleeding time. Infant paracetamol drops usually come in a concentration of 80 mg/1 ml. The proper dose by weight is shown in the following table.

Anaesthetic Cream to Numb the Skin

Next, the child will have topical anaesthetic applied to his penis. This is an anaesthetic cream that numbs the skin. This surface painkiller is the second step we take to minimize discomfort during circumcision.

Weight Quantity
6-7½ lb ¾ ml (60 mg)
8-9½ lb 1 ml (80 mg)
10-11½ lb 1¼ ml (100 mg)
12-14 lb 1½ ml (120 mg)
15-17 lb 1¾ ml (140 mg)
18-20 lb 2 ml (160 mg)

Pain Blocking Injection – Local Anaesthetic

Next, once the skin is numb, the boy will be given an anaesthetic injection called a dorsal penile ring block into the soft tissue alongside the penis.

We use a combination block of both short and long acting anaesthetic. This provides comfort and coverage for both the procedure and for hours after. Since the topical anaesthetic has already numbed the skin, the injection is hardly felt. After 6-10 minutes, the penis is numb, and the circumcision can be done.

Sugar Pacifier During the Brief Circumcision Operation

During the injections and the circumcision, the baby will receive a sugar pacifier to suck on. Ten minutes after the injection, the penis is fully desensitized and the circumcision can be done. Studies show that the sweet flavours distract babies and reduce their perception of pain.

“I found the program to be thorough from both the practical and theoretical standpoint.

His situations is unique because of his vast experience in neonatal circumcision and his large practice which provides the opportunity for a great deal of hands-on practical experience.

He is a caring and skilled physician, and I have adopted many aspects of his technique.”

– Rabbi Leonard A. Sharzer, M.D.

The Penis Before & After Baby Circumcision

The three images below show the change in your baby boy’s penis brought about by circumcision.

Plastibell circumcision training

A profile of the uncircumcised penis with the foreskin covering the glans (head of the penis).

Bris Milah religious and surgical training

The same penis as in Figure 1 but drawn as if the foreskin was transparent. Here you can see the foreskin in relation to the inner side of the foreskin and the glans. Notice the adhesions along the inner side of the glans. These are present at birth in almost all babies and must be released before the actual circumcision.

Mohelim training course

The same penis following the circumcision. Notice that the cut edge of the skin retracts to just behind the back rim of the glans. This is the site of healing.

Next Steps

Please get in touch to discuss potential next steps toward circumcision training and becoming a Mohel.