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Read what some of the course graduates say about the experience.

I know of no one who is more qualified than Dr. Pollock to teach the technique of new born circumcision to physicians and/or religious circumcisers, mohels.
Edgar J. Schien, MD

I found the program to be thorough from both a practical and theoretical standpoint […] He is a caring and skilled physician, and I have adopted many aspects of his technique.
Rabbi Leonard A. Sharzer, MD 

I think that this course is unparalleled in the volume of surgery offered as well as welath of experience Dr. pollock offers to the trainee.
Craig Singer, MD FAAP 

I was impressed with his medical techniques as well as the personal care he takes with his students, patients and their parents.
Jeroy Kosoy, MD 

The volume of circumcisions that Dr. pollock performs cannot be reproduced in any other clinical environment. He is an excellent communicator and teacher.
Mark A. Greenberg, MD, CCFP, ASAM, Certified Mohel

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