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“KORAYT HABRIT” – Establishing the Covenant
A comprehensive surgical training program for physicians becoming mohelim.

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Many communities in North America and around the world have a shortage of trained mohelim to perform the mitzvah of Brit Milah, ritual circumcision.
The older generation of mohelim is retiring and few are replacing them to meet the needs of the community.

Our program delivers surgical training for medical doctors wishing to become mohels.

Training is hands-on under the close guidance of Dr. Neil Pollock, one of the foremost circumcision experts in the world.

“I had the opportunity to take Dr. Pollock’s course.

I was impressed with his medical techniques as well as the personal care he takes with his students, patients and their parents.

I heartily recommend the Pollock course to anyone considering becoming a Mohel or to any Mohel who wants to refine his technique. This is certainly the course to take.”

– Jerome Kosoy, M.D.

Surgical Training for Physicians Becoming Mohelim

To qualify as a mohel one needs to be proficient in two key areas:

Religious training. This includes all the Halacha (laws governing circumcision) as well as training in carrying out a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

Surgical training. This means being meticulously trained in carrying out a safe, painless and virtually bloodless circumcision. It is equally as important to be educated in recognizing anatomical anomalies that will obviate a circumcision and to be proficient and skilled in recognizing and treating post-operative complications.

Our Program – Hands-On Circumcision Course

Dr. Neil Pollock of Vancouver, British Columbia, has created the most comprehensive mohel training course focused on the surgical training required to perform the mitzah with safety and elegance.

Course participants will study at Dr. Pollock’s clinics in Vancouver, where he has developed a program including the provision of a detailed manual, and hands on experience operating on models, followed by patient exposure.

Doctors who participate in the program will perform up to 100 infant circumcisions during the initial training period, and will have the opportunity to do more during a second round of procedures at Pollock Clinics.

Highly Qualified
Circumcision Trainer

Dr. Pollock is Medical Director of The Pollock Clinics, which specialize in the provision of infant circumcision. Dr. Pollock is well known internationally for his pioneering efforts and research into creating a safe and painless circumcision technique for infants. He has personally performed over 35,000 circumcisions to date.

Dr. Pollock has completed the Brit Kodesh mohel training program sponsored by the Rabbinical Assembly and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, the center of Conservative Judaism.

This is a wonderful mitzvah to teach and especially to do. To bring a newborn child into the Covenant of Abraham, as Jews have done for generations, is a true joy for any mohel.” Dr. Pollock stated that, “It has been a true privilege and pleasure to train physicians to become practicing mohelim. There can be no substitute for a rigorous and detailed surgical training program provided by a qualified and experienced clinician for any would-be mohel.

Key Benefits of Our Program


Direct instruction from a world-class circumcision expert

Dr. Neil Pollock is one of the most experienced circumcision providers. His virtually painless methods are recognized and implemented around the world.


Perform 100 or more circumcisions under close supervision

The high volume of procedures performed at Pollock Clinics affords a unique opportunity to perform dozens of procedures daily during your training period.


Ongoing support and training with direct access to Dr. Pollock

Come back for a refresher course or advanced training. Call Dr. Pollock anytime after your course with questions or for a professional consultation.

Next Steps

Please get in touch to discuss potential next steps toward circumcision training and becoming a Mohel.